Mechanical Engineering is a Very Promising Field of Practice

Mechanical engineering goes beyond operating trains only as it has been understood in the early days. Mechanical Engineering pertains to the workings and functions of mechanical systems.

Applications of Mechanical Engineering as Seen in History

Throughout history, there have been many instances that man has utilized the discipline of mechanical engineering.

In Greece, early inventors like Archimedes and Heron of Alexandria have done wonders following the principles of mechanical engineering. Their influences led to the development of mechanics in Western tradition. In China, inventions of early water clock, seismometer, and gears in chariots were the contributions that we see up to these days.

England and Scotland paved the way for the development of the field of engineering devoted to designing and producing engines to power machine tools. Britain’s organization of mechanical engineers was formed as early as 1847.

United States followed suit in gathering great minds in the field of mechanical engineering when they organized the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1880.

The boom of mechanical engineering was fully utilized during the World Wars when nations needed war machines to win their battles. Funds were released for the development of new air crafts, automobiles, tanks, and other weapons.

The scope of influence of mechanical engineers in our history proves how vital it is to closely work with them to make our lives a lot easier.

Education and Training

If you want to be a mechanical engineer, you have to go through extensive education and training. If you will major in the field you have to learn or better so master subjects like the following: Math, Physics, Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics, Materials Science, manufacturing processes, and a lot more.

As a mechanical engineering major you will be exposed to a lot of lecture and homework format which focuses on solving problems related to your subjects. The curriculum often lets students interact with other engineering fields to start you early on the reality of the practice. As a mechanical engineer you will be working with other engineers in various disciplines.

The engineering departments of different universities worldwide make certain that you will also have the soft skills necessary to be successful in your field. This training may enhance your skills on writing, speaking, and planning.

Most universities also require a thesis from their students during the final year. If you will be a mechanical engineer major you will be tasked to design and develop a mechanical device like a vehicle or a robot. This will make you appreciate your text book by seeing the different principles being applied in real life.

After graduating from the university, most countries will require you to take a licensure to assess your technical knowledge, application capabilities, and legal know how as a mechanical engineer.

Working as a Mechanical Engineer

Your licensure will most likely guarantee you a job. Statistics show an increasing demand for mechanical engineers in different parts of the world from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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